How often does data get updated in Strap?

Data comes to Strap in near real time as it is updated on the platforms we support. One of the core benefits of using the Strap platform is that we handle the nuances of the various fitness trackers and health APIs. Much care has been taken to ensure that we are able to receive data in a timely and consistent manner, even if platforms don't notify us when data has been updated. See below for a full table of platforms and expected data delivery times.

Platform Typical Sync Time
Fitbit < 2 min
Jawbone < 5 min
Misfit < 2 min
Garmin < 2 min
Under Armour 10 min
Withings 10 min
Runkeeper 10 min
iHealth 10 min
Movable 10 min
Apple Health 10 min
Google Fit 10 min
Strava 10 min
LifeFitness 10 min

If your data is showing as up to date in your fitness app but still isn't available through the Strap API after 30 minutes, first verify that one of the platforms isn't experiencing an outage by visiting our Status Page.

If the problems persist, please Submit a Support Request and our team will look into the issue.

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