What will the experience look like for our users / members / patients?

Strap Integrate plugs into whatever digital touch points you already have in place to reach your consumers.  Whether that's through a mobile app, website, server application, Slack bot, or Facebook app, our SDK's fit right in.

You simply place a call to action inviting your user to link their wearable tracker or fitness app. The user will then be shown a list of the platforms that you have enabled for the project.

Each user will then be asked to allow the data from their device to begin flowing. For most platforms, (excluding Apple’s Healthkit and Google Fit) the user will be prompted to sign in with their credentials. These credentials are solely used to authenticate your brand and give you access to their data. Strap will not store, nor have access to this information. We should note: Strap is completely white labeled. . . so while all of this good stuff is happening, the only brand your user will see is yours. 

Once the authorization has been completed, data starts flowing through the Strap system. Need some more details on how this works? You can read about it on our developer portal

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